Emma Casanova - Aravis/Annecy - La Clusaz, Grand Bornand, Manigod, Thones, La Giettaz

Emma Casanova
When someone says Lake Annecy, it is unlikely you will hear the word "boring" because there is only one word that springs to my mind when describing here :"awesome". And this is not set to change. Whether its strolling through the cobbled streets of medieval Annecy, shopping on the Rue Royale or sampling local wine and cheese, there is more to do here than there are days in the year, and after 15 years living here, I am still 'doing'.Lake Annecy is a nature base for all things outdoors but it is also steeped in history. Skiing and winter sports are obviously popular when you see the surrounding mountains, the snow then gives way to psychedelic green pastures and warm summer sunshine. Swim in the waters of Europe's cleanest lake, or hike up Annecy's highest 2352m summit called La Tournette for a lorry-load of fresh air, take in the outstanding 360° panorama of the Alps looking over to the Mont Blanc as far as La Meije, climb the the north face of the Pointe Percée in the Aravis, or cycle one of the gruelling "Cols" in the Tour de France. The crew come through here each year as well as other major sports events such as Red Bull's paragliding X-Alps and their triathlon Red Bull Elements.As well as the lake and mountains, there is also gastronomy, history and culture. The famous artist Rembrandt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill spent their summers at the Abbaye in Talloires, a picturesque bay and historical village on the eastern shores of Lake Annecy. Here, Michelin-starred restaurants are in abundance, as are jazz concerts, art exhibitions and firework displays throughout the year. Annecy's strategic position has been linked to a long line of history since the findings of Gallic tribes of Allobroges dating from 4BC. The Romans were also here, as were the Dukes of Savoy and latterly, German occupation during the Second World War. There are numerous monuments, relics, and historical buildings that better describe outline the historical diversity in the area.Transport to Lake Annecy is fast and simple with Geneva international airport only 50km's away to the north of the town on the motorway, where the main arteries also fast-track you to any one of 6 the major ski resorts: La Clusaz, Le Grand Bornand, Manigod, Merdassier, Semnoz and Sambuy. France's TGV also stops at Annecy and you can get here from the UK in less than a day.My family and I love living here, we still marvel at Lake Annecy's uniqueness. I'd be delighted to find you a home here too and feel confident you will agree, that there is nowhere else quite like it.

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