Lenka Koutnakova - Jura -

Lenka Koutnakova
The Pays de Gex comprises 27 municipalities and has a population of over 80,000. It is located in the Franco-Geneva cross-border urban area known as “Greater Geneva” with almost 920,000 inhabitants. Located on the right bank of Lake Geneva, the Pays de Gex has the advantage of its close proximity to Geneva and its superb infrastructure: Geneva International Airport (13 million passengers in 2012), CERN (the biggest nuclear research laboratories in Europe), PALEXPO (congress and exhibition center best known for the famous annual Geneva Car EXPO), as well as Geneva's international district with many UN agencies, international organizations, and more then 250 NGOs. It is also a favorite destination for tourists as the Pays de Gex offers an exceptional quality of life and environment within a major urban area. It offers a wide range of sporting activities (magnificent cross-country and downhill skiing resorts in the Jura mountain range as well as the Alps, water activities, golf courses, horseback riding, paragliding, etc.). There are also many cultural and musical events, such as summer festivals, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and traditional historical events. The Pays de Gex opens the door to Europe at large, situated only a day's drive away to many other countries. It is one of the biggest international and cosmopolitan regions in Europe, characterized by its beautiful natural landscapes of vineyards, Lake Geneva and the beautiful panorama of the Alps and the Jura. Besides the beautiful landscape one can enjoy the many delicacies of the region representing the unique cultural backgrounds of the people. Start with the famous Swiss cheese and chocolate, then continue with French estragon and asparagus, finishing off with Italian truffle. What makes this region so special is the white wine. The vineyards spread across the steep slopes above the lake and complete the fantastic view with the panorama of the Alps. The wine from this region cannot be found anywhere in the shops. (This wine is typically not exported) The local winemakers keep the production relatively small in order to keep the quality superior and selling only from their farms or during frequents winetasting events, or to the local restaurants. One cannot miss to taste the white wine which is the local specialty. There is not need to add that Geneva offers the most luxurious shops mostly with watches, continue with famous Christies' s and Sotheby's auctions. The Pays de Gex is a slice of Paradise, offering something for everybody.